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At Awnail, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological innovation in the nail industry. Our thread rolling machines represent a significant leap forward in the field of nail production, offering unparalleled efficiency, and precision. Designed to meet the diverse needs of wholesalers, distributors, and small businesses alike, these machines embody our commitment to delivering high-performance solutions.

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We’ve been at the forefront of making nail machines for 25 years, leading the way with our dedication to top-notch quality, precise engineering, and the latest technology. We’re proud to provide machines that are super efficient, flexible, and can be tailored to your needs, helping your nail production business thrive.

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Our huge, modern factory covers 137,890 square feet and is right at the center of where innovation happens. It’s filled with the latest tech and run by expert workers, making sure every nail machine we make is precise and reliable. We do everything from start to finish, which means we keep a close eye on quality and can customize machines just for you.

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We’re leading the way in creating new nail machine technology, thanks to our team of experts who always look for ways to do things better. Our focus on research and development means we keep up with the latest trends and offer you the newest solutions. We’re really good at making machines that fit exactly what you need, quickly creating prototypes, and using the latest tech.

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We’re proud of our top-notch certifications, showing our dedication to quality and excellence. Our machines are up to international standards, making sure they’re reliable, safe, and work well. We have ISO 9001 certification, giving you confidence in our commitment to the best quality nail making machines. Choose us for a reliable and certified choice in nail machine manufacturing.

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Our designers make sure our machines not just do great work but also look good and are easy to use. They think about where to put buttons and how to make everything user-friendly, so you don’t need to be a tech whiz to use them. They want you to feel good using our machines, making sure they fit nicely in your workspace. Thanks to them, our machines are something you’ll get the hang of quickly and feel proud to have around.


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Our engineers are smart folks who know a lot about making things work better. They use cool new tech to make our nail machines do amazing things, like work faster or save more energy. They’re always checking and double-checking their work to make sure everything is just right. Because of them, our machines are super reliable and really advanced, making your job of making nails a lot easier.


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Our Sales Team is your dedicated partner in acquiring the perfect nail making machine for your needs. With expert knowledge of our machines, they assist you in selecting the ideal solution for your production requirements. Your success is our priority, and our Sales Team is your trusted ally in optimizing your production processes.

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Superior Nail Making Solutions

Quality Control Consistency

Our nail making machines ensure stable product quality with great nail appearance. They hardly ever make mistakes, keeping bad nails to almost none. If something goes wrong or a nail isn’t good enough, the machine will stop by itself. This stops the making of bad nails and keeps the nail quality high and consistent.

High Production Efficiency​

Our nail machines are super fast, making more than 1050 nails a minute. This speed is five times faster than regular nail machines. This means you can make a lot more nails faster, helping you grow your nail making business by making your production line quicker and more efficient.

Energy Consumption

Our nail machines are designed to use less energy. They have smart tech that cuts down on how much electricity they use. On average, making a ton of nails uses about 27 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. By using our machines, you save on electricity costs, making your nail making cheaper and better for the environment.

Features and Benefits of Thread Rolling Machine

Features of Thread Rolling Machines

High-Speed Production Capabilities

Thread rolling machines are designed to operate at high speeds, significantly increasing nail production rates. This feature allows for the rapid production of large quantities of nails, meeting the demands of large-scale projects and high-volume orders with ease.

Precision Engineering for Consistent Quality

These machines boast precision engineering, ensuring that each nail produced meets strict quality standards. The advanced technology employed in these machines guarantees uniformity in size, shape, and threading, resulting in a consistently high-quality product.

Energy-Efficient Design

At Awnail, modern thread rolling machines are built with energy efficiency in mind. They consume less power compared to traditional nail-making machinery, leading to lower operational costs. This energy-efficient design is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, aligning with the growing trend of sustainable manufacturing practices.

Benefits of Using Thread Rolling Machines

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

The high-speed capabilities of thread rolling machines translate to increased productivity and efficiency in nail production. This allows businesses to fulfill orders faster and more reliably, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Enhanced Product Quality and Reliability

The precision engineering of these machines ensures that the nails produced are of superior quality, with consistent threading and dimensions. This reliability in product quality is crucial for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction, particularly important for wholesalers and distributors.

Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits

The energy-efficient nature of thread rolling machines not only reduces operational costs but also minimizes the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. This cost-effectiveness, combined with the environmental benefits, makes these machines a smart investment for businesses looking to optimize their production in a sustainable manner.

Thread Roller Machine Parts

Thread Roller

The thread roller is the heart of a thread rolling machine. It is responsible for the actual process of creating threads on the material, be it a screw, bolt, or nail. This part is characterized by its cylindrical shape and is precisely engineered to apply uniform pressure, ensuring consistent thread quality. At Awnail, the durability and design of the thread roller are crucial for efficient and accurate thread formation.

Thread Rolling Tools

The thread rolling toolset is a vital part of the machine, encompassing a range of taps and dies essential for creating various thread patterns and sizes. This set is specifically designed for precision and durability, ensuring that each thread rolled is of consistent quality and dimension. Their versatility allows the thread rolling machine to adapt to different threading requirements, making it an indispensable component.

Reed Thread Roller

The Reed thread roller component stands out for its specialized application in thread rolling machines. Designed for precision and fine control, this part is crucial for intricate threading tasks that require exceptional accuracy. It is engineered to deliver consistent pressure and alignment, ensuring the highest quality of threading, particularly in delicate or complex operations.

Thread Roller Dies

The flat die is a critical component in thread rolling machines, particularly used for creating threads on nails and screws. These dies work in pairs and are flat in shape, providing a large surface area for thread creation. Awnail recognizes that the durability of these dies is vital, as they endure significant wear and tear during the thread rolling process.
The thread rolling die head is another essential part of a thread rolling machine. It holds the dies in place and is responsible for the precise alignment and movement necessary for thread creation. The die head can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and types of nails, offering versatility in production.

Types of Thread Rolling Machines

Vertical Thread Rolling Machine

Vertical thread rolling machines are characterized by their upright design, where the threading process occurs in a vertical position. This orientation is particularly advantageous for longer or larger nails and screws, offering better control and stability during threading. Vertical machines are often preferred for their ease of operation and maintenance, making them a suitable choice for a variety of manufacturing settings.

Flat Thread Rolling Machine

Flat thread rolling machines use flat dies to produce threads. They are highly efficient for producing large volumes of threaded nails and screws with precision. At Awnail, these machines are known for their ability to produce fine and accurate threads, making them ideal for applications where thread quality is crucial. Their design also allows for quick setup and changeover, enhancing production efficiency.

Screw Thread Rolling Machine

Screw thread rolling machines are specifically designed for the production of threaded screws. These machines are capable of creating a wide range of thread patterns and sizes, making them versatile for various screw manufacturing requirements. Their precision and efficiency are critical for producing screws that meet stringent quality standards.

Bolt Thread Rolling Machine

Bolt thread rolling machines are tailored for threading bolts. They are robust and capable of handling the high stresses involved in bolt threading. These machines are known for their durability and are essential in industries where high-strength, accurately threaded bolts are required.

CNC Thread Rolling Machine

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) thread rolling machines offer high precision and programmability, allowing for intricate thread patterns and consistent quality. For instance, these machines are controlled by computer systems, enabling precise adjustments and repeatability in production. CNC thread rolling machines are ideal for complex threading tasks and high-precision applications.

High-Speed Thread Rolling Machine

High-speed thread rolling machines are designed for rapid production without compromising on quality. They are capable of handling large volumes of nails and screws, making them an excellent choice for mass production settings. Their high-speed operation significantly reduces production time, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

Sizes of Thread Rolling Machines

Mini Thread Rolling Machine

Mini thread rolling machines are compact and space-efficient, ideal for small-scale operations or facilities with limited space. Despite their smaller size, they are highly capable and can efficiently produce threads on smaller nails and screws. These machines are perfect for businesses that require flexibility and mobility in their manufacturing process, offering the same precision as larger machines but in a more manageable size.
Thread Rolling Machine 10
Thread Rolling Machine 11

Standard Thread Rolling Machine

Standard size thread rolling machines are the most commonly used, offering a balance between size and production capacity. At Awnail, these machines are designed to handle a wide range of threading tasks, making them versatile and suitable for most manufacturing requirements. They typically offer a blend of high productivity, consistent quality, and ease of operation, making them a staple in many production environments.

Automation Degree of Thread Rolling Machines

Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

Automatic thread rolling machines are equipped with advanced technology that allows for minimal human intervention in the threading process. At Awnail, these machines are designed for high efficiency and consistency, capable of continuous operation with automated feeding and threading mechanisms. They are particularly suitable for large-scale production environments where speed and uniformity are crucial.
Thread Rolling Machine 12
Thread Rolling Machine 13

Manual Thread Rolling Machine

Manual thread rolling machines require direct human operation and are often favored for their simplicity and control. These machines are ideal for smaller-scale operations or for production where intricate customization is needed. While they may not match the speed of automatic machines, they offer flexibility and can be highly effective in skilled hands.

Raw Materials Used in Thread Rolling Machines

Rebar, a type of steel reinforcing bar, is commonly used as a raw material in thread rolling machines. Its high strength and durability make it ideal for producing threaded bars used in construction and structural applications. The thread rolling process ensures that the rebar retains its structural integrity while gaining the necessary threading for enhanced grip and connectivity in concrete structures.
Spokes, typically made of steel, are another raw material frequently processed by thread rolling machines. The threading of spokes is crucial for their use in various applications like bicycle wheels and automotive parts, where precision and strength are vital. Awnail’s thread rolling machines are adept at creating uniform, high-quality threads on spokes, ensuring their reliability and performance in end-use applications.

Thread Rolling Machine Price

The price of thread rolling machines varies widely depending on factors such as automation level, and specific features. Generally, prices can range from around $4,000 for basic, manual models to over $10,000 for high-end machines. Awnail understands that this price variation reflects the diversity in the machines’ capabilities and the technologies they incorporate, catering to different production scales and specific industry needs.

Applications of Thread Rolling Machine

Manufacturing Industry

Thread rolling machines play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the production of fasteners like screws, bolts, and nails. These machines ensure high-speed production while maintaining the precision and strength required in these components. The ability to create uniform and durable threads makes them indispensable for manufacturing operations that demand high volumes of high-quality threaded parts.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, thread rolling machines are essential for producing threaded rebar and other construction fasteners. These threaded components are critical for structural integrity, offering enhanced strength and stability in concrete and steel constructions. At Awnail, the precision threading provided by these machines ensures reliable connections and load distribution in various construction projects.

4 Considerations When Buying a Thread Rolling Machine

#1 Machine Capacity and Size

When purchasing a thread rolling machine, it’s important to assess the machine’s capacity and size in relation to the specific needs of the operation. This includes considering the maximum length and diameter of threads the machine can handle, as well as the physical space it occupies. Selecting a machine with the right capacity ensures efficiency in production without overinvestment in oversized equipment.

#2 Precision and Quality of Thread Formation

The precision and quality of thread formation are critical factors. Prospective buyers should evaluate the machine’s ability to produce consistent and accurate threads, as this directly affects the functionality and reliability of the threaded products. Machines offering advanced control and fine-tuning capabilities are preferable for operations requiring high-quality threading.

#3 Speed and Efficiency of Production

Speed and efficiency are crucial, especially for high-volume production. Buyers should consider the machine’s rate of production and its ability to maintain quality at high speeds. Awnail recognizes that machines with automated features and quick setup times can significantly enhance productivity and reduce labor costs.

#4 Durability and Maintenance Requirements

The durability of the thread rolling machine and its maintenance requirements are crucial for long-term operation. It’s important to choose a machine constructed with high-quality materials and designed for ease of maintenance. Reliable customer support and availability of spare parts are also key considerations to ensure uninterrupted production and long-term viability.

Thread Rolling Machine

The high-speed thread rolling machine is used to produce the round wire from the flat wire. The machine adopts the belt transmission and fixed roller, which can ensure the stable running of the machine, and it has high efficiency.

The thread rolling machine setup is a cost-efficient and energy-saving machine that will quickly and easily roll your metal nails.

This machine is perfect for both personal and professional use and is sure to provide you with a high-quality experience.

1. Thread Rolling Machine Definition and How It Works

A thread rolling machine is a specialized tool used to create a thread on metal objects. It works by using a series of rotating dies to press and form the thread onto the object. This process can be used to create a thread on both nails and screws, making them easier to grip and turn.

Here’s how it works:

Heat the Material

The thread rolling process begins by heating the material to a high temperature, which makes it softer and easier to cut a thread into.

Lubricate the Thread Die

The thread die must be lubricated before threading begins, otherwise, the material will become knotted off in the thread die. The thread rolling die head should be round in shape, with threading teeth cut into the top of it.

Feed the Heated Material

The thread rolling machine flat die has a thread rack that holds thread dies in place until threading begins.

Threading begins by feeding the heated material into the thread die and pulling it back out of the thread rack to ensure that the teeth on the thread die have made thread grooves in the material.

Once thread grooves have been cut into all thread dies, threading is repeated until the thread dies are removed from the thread rack and replaced with clean thread dies.

Cut the Wire Nail into Desired Shape

The wire nail is pulled back out of the thread rack at high speeds, which causes the thread to be cut into the wire nail. All thread dies must be replaced after threading has been completed.

In round die thread rolling machines, wire nails must first be fed into the rolling thread machine before threading begins; this ensures that thread grooves and thread shoulders are formed in thread nails.

For additional questions with regards to thread rolling machines, feel free to contact us at Awnail, our agents are always available to assist with your machinery needs.

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2. Thread Rolling Machine Key Features

The thread rolling machine is a device that is used to create a thread on wire nails. The round die is used to create the thread on the wire nail. This thread is used in various applications.


Some of these applications include threading screws, bolts, and nuts into metal or plastic materials.


The roller threading machine includes the ability to create a thread on wire nails of virtually any size.

Different Thread Profiles

A flat thread rolling machine is universal. This allows for different thread profiles depending on the application needed by the consumer.

3. Types of Thread Rolling Machine

There are 3 types of thread rolling machines: round die thread rolling machines, flat die thread rolling machines, and thread rolling machines with a rotary die.

Round Die Thread Rolling Machine

Round die thread rolling machines are used for threading round materials, including grooved rounds. These thread rolling machines can also thread shoulders to help improve the load-bearing capability of the material.

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Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine

Flat die thread rolling machines are used to thread flat materials, but they can’t thread grooves or shoulders effectively. One common use is the threading of thread-rolled rods.

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Two-Die Cylindrical Thread Rolling Machine

The two-die cylindrical thread rolling machine is a specialized machine that is used to thread metal objects. It consists of two rotating dies that press and form the thread onto the object. This process can be used to thread both nails and screws, making them easier to grip and turn.

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4. Parts & Construction of Thread Rolling Machine

There are several parts and construction of the thread rolling machine. Some key components include the round die and the thread rolling machine itself.

Round Die

The round die is what shapes the thread, while the wire nails serve as the thread’s end product. The round die is a disk shape that forms the thread itself.

The shape and size of the round die vary depending on what thread type is required and the threading machine that it will be used.

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Thread Roller

The thread rolling machine twists and tightens the wire nails to create a sturdy thread.

The thread winding axis attaches the round die to the thread rolling machine’s motor shaft. The guide rail is a flat metal bar that allows the nail thread rolling machine to move in a straight line.

The thread cutting device cuts the thread produced by the small thread rolling machine into the desired length.

The thread winding axis, guide rail, and thread cutting device are all enclosed within an outer casing of the thread rolling machine. This casing is usually plastic or steel and helps protect internal thread rolling machine parts.

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5. Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturing Process

The contact operation of a metal nail production thread rolling machine is a simple process. Here’s the rundown:

Step#1 Select the Correct Die

The thread rolling machine manufacturing process begins with the selection of the correct round die.

Step#2 Mount the Thread Rolling Machine

The round die is then mounted onto the automatic thread rolling machine and the wire nails are fed into the die.

Step#3 Activate the Machine and Cut to Length

The machine is then activated and the nails are rolled into thread. The thread is then cut to the appropriate length.

The fully automatic thread rolling machine manufacturing process is completed.

Here’s a video of thread rolling machine in action!

6. Benefits of Using Thread Rolling Machine

A thread rolling machine is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the benefits of using a thread rolling machine include:


There are several reasons why you might want to use a flat die thread rolling machine. Thread roll machines can help you produce more consistent threading. A thread rolling machine operator with the correct training can also lead to further consistency.

Uniform Threading

A thread rolling machinery also helps you create neater and more uniform threading, which can be important for a variety of applications.


Additionally, thread rolling equipment with the correct thread rolling machine specification can help you save time and money.

They’re an efficient way to produce round wire nails, and they can also help you avoid common mistakes that can occur during the threading process.

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7. Where to Find Wholesale Thread Rolling Machine For Sale

If you’re in the market for a thread rolling machine, there are a few places you can look to find a good deal.


First, try contacting thread rolling machine manufacturers, like Awnail directly. Often, they’ll have machines for sale at a discount because they’re overstocked or are retiring an older model.

Auction Sites

Another option is to search online auction sites like eBay or Alibaba. You can often find used or refurbished machines at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

In the types of thread rolling machine such as vertical thread rolling machine, CNC thread rolling and wire thread rolling machine, it is usually wise, to ask questions to the manufacturer first.

Just be sure to read the listing carefully and ask the seller questions about the condition of the thread roller machine before bidding.

Trade Shows

Finally, if you’re not in a hurry to buy, keep an eye out for nail rolling machine sales or a roll threading machine for sale.

CNC thread rolling machine, Ort thread rolling machine, Mini thread rolling machine, at trade shows or industrial auctions.

Sometimes you can find thread rolling machines,a thread rolling machine for nails, and other industrial equipment at a great discount if the manufacturer is making room for new machinery.

8. Qualities of a Reliable Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturer

When looking for a thread rolling machine manufacturer, it is important to consider the qualities of the company. Some of the key qualities of a reliable thread rolling machine manufacturer are:

Improves Their Operations

When thread rolling machines were first manufactured, they were built by hand. Over the years, thread rolling machine manufacturers have improved and automated their procedures to produce thread rolling machines faster and more efficiently.

Invests in People and Technology

Companies that have been around for a long time and who have invested in both people and technology are likely to be reliable thread rolling machine manufacturers.

High Standards

These companies spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that their thread rolling machines are produced to the highest standards, resulting in thread rolling machines that are durable, efficient, and versatile.

9. Average Cost of Thread Rolling Machine

The average cost of a thread rolling machine can vary depending on the features and size of the machine. Typically, thread rolling machines range in price from around US$1,500 to US$10,000.

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10. 10 Tips for Thread Rolling Machine Maintenance

Thread or screw rolling model machinery requires forming a designed maintenance routine for it to be able to perform well and last long. Here are some tips to keep your workpiece in the best condition:

1Inspect Before Use
2Keep it Lubricated
3Clean the Machine
4Replace Dies Often
5Use Soft Cloth for Cleaning
6Store Properly
7Ask for Professional Assistance
8Keep Spare Parts on Hand
9Replace Thread as Needed
10Schedule Regular Maintenance

#1 Inspect Before Use

Inspect the thread rolling machine before use each day. Look for any damage or signs of wear.

#2 Keep it Lubricated

Lubricate the thread rolling machine as needed using light oil.

#3 Clean the Machine

Keep the thread rolling machine clean by wiping it down with a clean cloth after each use.

#4 Replace Dies Often

Replace the round die as needed. Thread rolling machine spare parts should also be prepared just in case a part gives way.

#5 Use Soft Cloth for Cleaning

Clean the thread rolling machine at the end of each workday using a cloth and a light cleaner.

#6 Store Properly

Keep the wire nails separate from other tools and materials to prevent damage and wear on the thread rolling machine.

#7 Ask for Professional Assistance

Your thread rolling machine should only be repaired by a professional. Contact your local appliance repair team for assistance.

#8 Keep Spare Parts on Hand

Keep the thread on hand to replace thread that has become worn or damaged.

#9 Replace Thread as Needed

Replace thread as needed, following the thread replacement instructions found in the owner’s manual for your thread rolling machine model. A thread rolling machine pdf or thread rolling machine video is usually included in the owner’s manual

#10 Schedule Regular Maintenance

Perform routine maintenance on your thread rolling machine every month by lubricating the machine with light oil and cleaning it.

11. Conclusion

Our high-speed thread rolling machine is perfect for both personal and professional use. It’s a cost-efficient and energy-saving machine that will quickly and easily roll your metal nails.

With this machine, you can quickly and easily produce the round wire from the flat wire. The machine adopts the belt transmission and fixed roller, which can ensure the stable running of the machine, and it has high efficiency.

You won’t find a better or more efficient way to roll your metal nails than with our high speed thread rolling machine. Purchase a thread rolling machine today from Awnail!

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